Departure Form

Upon completion of your academic program:


Your transcript will be mailed to your designate person or home institution that you provided on your transcript request form during your mandatory J-1 welcome session.

30-Day Grace Period

You may remain in the US for 30 days.


During this grace period, you are not permitted to continue employment.


You may travel within the US, but you cannot exit and re-enter the US on your J-1 visa. Once you leave the US, the grace period is over.

Staying in the USA

Students who have either applied for or already received approval for a different visa status may remain in the US. The time indicated on your DS-2019 does not allow you to remain in the US unless you are continuing your full time studies in order to fulfill program requirements.

Keep Your Records

Be sure to keep your past and present immigration records. In the event that you have any future contact with USCIS, they may request all previously issued immigration-related documents.