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Login to jwuLink to access many resources for international or exchange student on campus, including:

Student Clubs & Organizations 

Login our Involvement Network to joing many clubs, organizations, and events on campus.

Financial Planning

Meet with our planners about JWU payment options, scholarships, and educational expenses.


Library Services

Get personalized research assistance, continuous access to reference materials, and convenient study spaces for individuals and groups.

Academic Support

Get in-person tutoring, writing assistance, academic workshops, and accommodations to students with physical, learning, and medical disabilities

Academic Counseling

Our counselors can help you meet your academic goals: degree requirements, course registration, full-time enrollment, and attendance policies.


  1. Valid passport, with your I-94 card
  2. Valid social security card (or denial letter from SSA)
  3. SEVIS I-20  
  4. Enrollment Confirmation Written confirmation from JWU that verifies your current enrollment
  5. A valid JWU ID
  6. Valid proof of address Acceptable proof includes:
  • A letter from the university
  • Your bank 
  • A utility bill with your name/address


Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles

14391 East 4th Ave. Aurora, CO 


 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm 


Bus Directions

  1. Take the RTD #15L Bus 
  2.  Board at: Quebec St. and Colfax St.
  3. Exit at: 4th Ave. & Sable Blvd.