Are you not able to complete your program by the program completion date listed on your I-20?

Follow these steps to file an I-20 extension with your international student advisor:

1. Complete a Request

Program Extension Request

2. Provide your GPS

Provide your GPS with your expected graduation date so your international advisor know how much time to extend your I-20.

3. Get a New Bank Statement

Your bank statement should show the estimated amount of money that you will need to cover tuition, living costs and other necessary expenses to finish your academic program.

Ask your international advisor how much needs to be on your new bank statement.

4. Submit all 3 Documents

PRIOR TO your program completion date, give these documents to your international advisor.

Your program completion date is listed on your I-20.


Failure to process a request for extension before your I-20 expires will cause you to lose your F-1 status and all of its benefits.