To maintain your F-1 status at JWU, you must meet these requirements.

International Student ResponsibilityForms


View employment, OPT, internships/CPT, and social security number information.

Take a Semester Off

Learn when and how to take a leave of absence.

Reduce Course Load Form

Learn when you are eligible to take fewer courses.

Travel Outside the US

Learn what to prepare before you travel outside the US.

Renew Your Visa

Learn what documents you need to prepare for your visa renewal.

Extend Your I-20

Learn what documents you need to submit in order to extend your I-20.


Learn when and how to file taxes.

Immigration Review Form

Annual immigration review of international student's immigration documents. Supporting documentation are required to release your international hold if there are any changes to your immigration such as traveling outside of the US or a renewal of visa or passport.

After You Complete Courses

Learn what to do after you complete your program, or how to extend your stay.