ALL international and exchange students at JWU must file a tax form with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS):

1. Whether you worked the previous year or not

2. On or before April 15 of each year you reside in the US

Tax Help

We will provide a tax software with our school code when it is close to tax season.

Usually, this is in February or March of each year.

Use Sprintax

To assist you, JWU has established a relationship with a firm that specializes in foreign nationals’ U.S. tax matters, Sprintax. Note the limitations in the firm’s terms of use.

JWU has no liability for your use of this service and cannot provide you with tax advice. If you prefer, use a firm or tax preparer of your own choice. For such advice, contact the IRS or a professional tax preparer.

Sprintax Instructions


If you have an on campus employment and have been in the U.S. fewer than 5 years, you are not required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. However, all of your income are subject to federal, state and local taxes.



Consult the Internal Revenue Service for more information.


Publication 519

Use this IRS guide to clarify tax laws for foreign nationals residing and/or working in the US.

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