BEFORE you leave your home country, complete these tasks:


Make sure you have submitted your application for admission.

Complete Accepted Student Tasks

Once you are accepted, you will be directed to JWU's Accepted Student website to complete several tasks, including: 

Choose Health Insurance

Health insurance is required. JWU will provide you with health insurance.



JWU will not cover health insurance for your dependents, so make sure they have health insurance.


Other Health Insurance

If you prefer to have your own insurance, opt out and ensure your health insurance is covered in the US. 

Pay Tuition & Fees

Pay your fees, including room and board.

Prepare Documents for Immigration

Pack these documents in your hand carry luggage. You will want easy access to them, for when you go through immigration in the U.S.

  • US visa

  • Original, signed I-20

  • Passport

Make sure the  immigration officer stamps  your visa with "F-1, D/S" or "J-1, D/S,"  depending on your visa category.