TF Green Airport

If you arrive between 12 -9 pm, there will be a bus rotation that will take you to your campus.

Please review our “What to Expect at TF Green Airport” information sheet. 

Peter Pan Bus

This runs from Boston's Logan Airport to Providence. From the station, take a taxi to our campus.


Take a taxi from the station to our campus.

Travel Issues 


Taxis from the Station

Go outside the bus/train station. Take a taxi (US $30) to our campus, at your own cost. 

Delays & Cancellations

While we cannot guarantee pick up services or temporary accommodation for last minutes changes, we will make our best effort to meet your needs. If you have submitted your Travel Plans to our office and is within the Arrival Services Dates, please email us or call us at:

  • 8:30am-4:30pm: 401-598-4669
  • 4:30pm-8:30am: 401-598-1103


 (Including MAT & MEd)

Fall Term (2018)                                   Winter Term (2018)

Travel Form Due Date: Aug. 3                                                                         Travel Form Due Date: Nov. 2

Accommodation/Transportation Arrival: Aug. 26-28                                    Accommodation/Transportation Arrival: Nov. 18-20**     

Residence Hall Arrival: Aug. 26                                                                        Residence Hall Arrival: Nov. 18

Mandatory Immigration Check-In: Aug. 27, 8:30 am                               Mandatory Immigration Check-In: Nov. 19

ESL Placement Exam: Aug. 29, 10 am                                                             ESL Placement Exam: Nov. 20, 10 am      

Institutional TOEFL Exam: Aug. 29, 1 pm*                                                      Institutional TOEFL Exam: Nov. 20, 1 pm*

First Day of Classes: Sept. 3                                                                              First Day of Classes: Nov. 26*

** JWU will remain closed from Nov. 21-25 for the Thanksgiving holiday. No transportation or housing assistance will be available on these dates.

Spring Term (2019)                               Summer Term (2019)

Travel Form Due Date: Feb. 1                                                                          Travel Form Due Date: May 3                    

Accommodation/Transportation Arrival: Feb. 24- 26                                     Accommodation/Transportation Arrival: May 28-29

Residence Hall Arrival: Feb. 24                                                                         Residence Hall Arrival: May 28

Mandatory Immigration Check-In: Feb. 25                                                 Mandatory Immigration Check-In: May 28

ESL Placement Exam: Feb. 27, 10 am                                                               First Day of Classes: June 3                

Institutional TOEFL Exam: Feb 27, 1 pm*                                                        

First Day of Classes: March 4                                                                             


                                                                                             (excluding PA, MAT, MEd)

Fall Semester (2018)                             Spring Semester (2019)

Travel Form Due Date: Aug. 3                                                                        Travel Form Due Date: Dec. 7

Accommodation/Transportation Arrival: Aug. 22-23                                    Accommodation/Transportation Arrival: Jan. 6-7     

Residence Hall Arrival: Aug. 26                                                                       Residence Hall Arrival: Jan. 6

Mandatory International Orientation: Aug. 24                                        Mandatory International Orientation: Jan. 7

ESL Placement Exam: Aug. 23, 10 am                                                            ESL Placement Exam: Jan. 7, 10 am

Institutional TOEFL Exam: Aug. 23, 1 pm*                                                    Institutional TOEFL Exam: Jan. 7, 1 pm*

First Day of Classes: Aug. 27                                                                           First Day of Classes: Jan. 7


Summer Semester (2019)                                

Travel Form Due Date: April 19                                                                                 

Accommodation/Transportation Arrival: May 1-2                                                

Residence Hall Arrival: May 1                                                                         

Mandatory International Orientation: Feb. 25                                                                                                                      

First Day of Classes: May 6      


*TOEFL Exam:

Students who attain a qualifying ESL Placement Test score will have the opportunity to take the Institutional TOEFL Exam.

$25 fee; photo ID required.

Student who submitted their Travel Plans are eligible for up to

2 complimentary nights in our residence hall, as the university sees fit.

Join us any weekday afternoon! (Offered during our arrival services period)

Providence Place Mall

Walk to the mall to:

  - Open a bank account (you must have a US address)

- Buy/set up cell phones

- Buy toiletries and bedding


Ride to Walmart to:

- Buy food

- Buy/set up cell phones

- Get toiletries and bedding



Go through the process for maintaining your visa status. 

Meet your advisor and students from different countries. 


Mandatory immigration check in at International Student Services Office, Downcity on Feb. 25 at 8:30 am.

ISSO will email you the details of your Mandatory International Orientation.

Please make sure to bring your:

- Passport & Visa

- Original I-20 or Original DS-2019 Form

- Other documents (i.e. health form, transcript, diploma)

- Your white welcome folder (will receive this if you utilizes our temporary accommodation)

*Orientation schedule will be provided during immigration check in.


Mandatory International Orientation on Jan. 7, 8:00 am at the Grace Welcome Center, Harborside Campus.

Please make sure to bring these documents to orientation:

- Passport & Visa

- Original I-20 

- Other documents (i.e. health form, transcript, diploma)

- Your white welcome packet (will receive this if you utilizes our temporary accommodation)

Find Housing

In jwulink, click "Services," and sign up to Jump Off Campus.

Visit the Den

Call Off Campus Student Services, 401-598-4595 to get help with convenient housing options and potential roommates. 



Once you have secure housing, Off Campus Student Services will help you set up your electricity, water and gas.


Plan Your Travel

If you miss your test date, you will automatically be placed in Beginners level ESL. Review test dates to see when you should arrive:


Fall Term 2018                                     Winter Term 2018         Aug. 29, 10 am                                     Nov. 20, 10 am

Spring Term 2019                               Summer Term 2019        Feb. 27, 10 am                                     May 29, 10 am


Fall Semester 2018                              Spring Semester 2019         Aug. 23, 10 am                                      Jan. 7, 10 am